For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Do I need an appointment for an estimate?  Is there a cost?
Our estimates are free, and you may drop in for an estimate anytime during our hours of operation.  It is not necessary to schedule an appointment.  Most estimates take approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending upon the extent of the damage.  There is not a charge for a written estimate.

Do I have to go where the insurance company directs me?
No.  It is your legal right to do business with the shop of your choice.

How long will my car be in the shop?
At the time you drop off your vehicle, we will give you a target date.  We will be able to update you within a few days to confirm the target dates.  This will be  once the parts are ordered and we know that they will be delivered promptly and that we have called the insurance company for any additional damages if necessary.

Can you match the paint color of my vehicle?
Yes.  The paint code on your vehicle provides us with the formula necessary to mix the paint for your car exactly as the factory.  We are also able to formulate custom colors, giving us the ability to match any color under the sun.  We are constantly updating our equipment and training to ensure we have every advantage at our disposal.

Is there a warranty on the repairs to my vehicle?  
Yes.  We offer a lifetime warranty on repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.

Do you offer car rental referral service?   
Yes.  We can make arrangements with a local rental car company to meet you at our facility.  If you have rental car coverage, the rental company will be able to set up a direct billing with your insurance company.

What is the deductible?  Who do I pay? 
Your policy will reflect a deductible amount which is paid to the repair facility at the time your vehicle is returned to you.  The deductible is the amount you pay and insurance pays the balance of the repair cost.